Manor Logic


MANORLOGIC are Norman van Krimpen & Dirk Nusink from the Netherlands
Manorlogic was a project already created as an electronic music solo project by Norman van Krimpen back before 2006.
There was a self solo released album in 2006 called “Melodies of Movement” which has very limited copies. In 2008 and
2009 there were 2 first gigs.

Later Norman joined Elektronische Maschine in 2008 till 2013 and also worked with Modular White: together with
Rene Monfoort(Romerium) en Michel Bekkering in several ambient and electronic music projects.
Norman kept on going composing and producing new tracks and also graduated as an audio engineer in 2019.
In a local bar together with one of his best friends 2021 the idea came up to perform again.
At that moment Dirk Nusink from Tranzit-NL joined Manorlogic as a percussionist.
Norman - plays synthesizers & audio production
Dirk - plays electronic & acoustic percussion

Norman creates very energetic electronic music. His roots are traditional EM but with a combination of modern electronic
styles from synthpop, minimal electro, techno, industrial, ambient, funk, and new wave.
Dirk is also an electronic music composer, aka TRANZIT-NL and produced several albums in the late 90s and the
beginning of 2000. Dirk is also still working on new tracks and projects this year.
With kind coaching from Ron Boots he released a couple of albums on the Groove Unlimited label in the past.

He has his musical roots in the (latin) pop/rock and jazzy scene, but he is also a great fan of traditional Berlin School EM.
He was a former member of the funkband “Blue Feather” from the late 70s en the beginning in the 80s.
Both artists are participating in the Dutch Electronic Masters project, and MANORLOGIC was performing at this festival
at Hazerswoude - Rijndijk - NL in April 2022.
ON E-LIVE: Prepare for some powerful energetic electronic music with also a few relaxing tracks!


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08 December 2022